Pursuing an Education for a Career in Alternative Healing

The focus of alternative healing is to integrate different natural therapies to successfully heal patients in a non-invasive way. The industry is growing with more individuals seeking out complementary medicine. Students can enter numerous areas of study and become professionals by pursuing an education for a career in alternative healing.

Students can enter formal training inside every degree level including certificate programs. The wide breadth of training opportunities is due to the availability of programs inside this area of study. Students can learn the practices and techniques used to diagnose and treat patients in conjunction with a variety of different therapies. Students should research their options to find alternative healing degree programs that will prepare them best for their career goals. Optional program areas include:

*Neuro Linguistic Programming

This area of the field teaches students to reprogram the mind to eradicate negative thoughts and behavior. Programs focus on the ability to positively stimulate the subconscious by using words, sounds, and images to foster a change in self-image, which allows individuals to heal. Programs emphasize self-awareness and the ability to communicate successfully. Students learn to understand the belief that behavior is linked to the neurological thought patterns of the mind. Course areas inside certificate programs may include self-motivation techniques, reading physical signals, and removing mental blocks.

*Energy Healing

Professionals work with the body’s natural energy flows to alleviate pain and minimize ailments caused by stress. Programs explore the methodologies behind the therapy to teach students to correctly identify energy flows and redirect them to improve the overall health of an individual. Associates degree programs are primarily available to students that desire to learn about energy healing exclusively. Coursework explores topics that include energy balancing, energy palpitation, and anatomy. Students complete programs understanding how to use the hands to direct energy flows and work with clients.

*Polarity Therapy

Students examine how to identify energy blockages in the body, which can cause a variety of illnesses. Training teaches students to find blocked pathways and release the buildup to allow the body to restore natural energy flow. Course subjects include energy expansion, fluid movement, electro-magnetic manipulation, and self-awareness. Students complete clinical hours where they work with clients by using palpitation techniques and interviewing sessions to allow them to understand energy movement.

*Alternative Medicine

Students have several areas of study to choose from inside alternative medicine. Programs in acupuncture, reflexology, chiropractic medicine, and acupressure are all available. Through training students learn to heal a patient’s body and mind by utilizing their area of concentration such as acupuncture. Common areas of study include courses in herbal medicine, disease prevention, nutrition, naturopathy, and molecular physiology. Programs are primarily available at the associate’s, bachelors, and master’s degree level of training.

Pursuing an education in alternative healing prepares students to enter a wide range of career options. With the field being so diverse students are able to follow their passions into accredited educational training that is approved by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools ( http://www.acics.org/ ) to offer quality programs and satisfying careers.

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