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Beyond the Boardroom – Video and Web Conferencing For All – Part 2

In a recently published article Beyond the Boardroom: Video and Web Conferencing for ALL – Part 1, we listed five industries outside of the boardroom who are taking full advantage of online communication tools to save time, money and increase productivity. Here are five more industries who are thinking “outside the box”:

Judicial System

From conducting client depositions to allowing remote witness testimonies, the justice system is using video and web conferencing to cut back on legal costs and shorten the lifecycle of trials. The prison system is benefiting from it’s use as well by allowing high risk prisoners to appear in court remotely, reducing the possible safety hazards of transporting them. Other ways the judicial system is using video and web conferencing include remote hearings and arraignments, as well as prisoners meeting with friends and family members without anyone having to travel to the prison or jail to see them.


Today’s society moves fast; people want things now and don’t have the patience to wait. Video and web conferencing has allowed the Manufacturing Industry to reduce production time, ultimately resulting in reducing the time it takes for a product to get into the hands of the public. This is made possible by allowing manufacturers to speed up product feedback, increase quality control and bring together teams of developers, designers and vendors, all located in different areas throughout the world..

Healthcare Services

It used to be common practice for doctors to make house calls, but as society grew and technologies changed, it became normal for patients to visit doctors in their office. Video and web conferencing has allowed doctors to bring back the house call, making their patient visits more personal. Doctors are now able to conduct medical consultations, get advice from fellow physicians, monitor patients and offer support to patients without leaving the comfort of their office. In addition, hospitals are using video and web conferencing to help train future physicians by allowing them to go online and observe surgeries as they are taking place.

Media Relations

Journalists and news reporters use video and web conferencing to expand their reach into the public, giving them an international appearance. They are hosting video press conferences and conducting web based interviews without having to travel to locations around the world.

Interpreting and Sign Language Service

Communication is a prominent issue facing individuals who are hearing impaired. Video and web conferencing has given these individuals a tool which allows communication barriers to be broken down. Interpreter services can now use video and web conferencing to communicate with those who are hearing impaired. This works especially well in a classroom setting where interpreters act as an advocate for students, staff and parents, giving equal access to education for everyone.

As the popularity of video and web conferencing grows, more and more industries will begin to adopt this technology, making it a “must have” necessity to doing business.

Government Grants: Free Money for All Financial Needs

If you need financial assistance in any form, you can always rely on your government. The US government grants free money to its citizens in the form of government grants, which can be availed by anyone with a legitimate financial need. The grants can be categorized as: business funding, housing and real estate, education and tuition and person assistance. Apart from the government, there are several private organizations, private and community foundations, charitable organizations and politicians, who provide free funding.

Business funding is available for small business funding or management, start-up business capital, business expansion capital, home business assistance, small business loans, etc. Financial help for personal needs can be availed for home repair, rent assistance, child care, food and nutrition, medical bills and utility bills assistance.

Under the category, education and tuition, the available grants are: Federal Pell Grants, Scholarships, student financial aid, training grants, grants for research, Stafford loans, and grants for universities. The grants available to meet housing and real estate needs are: 1st time home buyer grants, mobile homes, rental housing property, apartment buildings, land development, RV parks and new constructions.

Most of the education grants and scholarships are based on your talent and special skills. However, Federal Pell Grants are the best education grants, which are granted on the sole basis of your financial requirement. The factors which affect the amount granted are: enrollment status (part time or full time), tuition fees of the particular institution, expected family contribution, whether or not the student attends a full semester. There are over 5,500 national post-secondary institutions participating in Pell Grants.

The current housing market is ideal to buy new homes, however the economic condition is not. All those seeking for home loans, rest your worries for a while, and research on housing grants. There are housing grants available to take care of the down payment, or the closing amount or a percentage of the purchasing amount. Two-member households or single member homes, anyone can apply for these grants. Unlike home loans, they never need to be repaid, and nor do they incur interest. Housing Grants will lead the way to live peacefully in your dream home, without having to worry about returning the free money.

You can apply for all government grants online. It requires investment in terms of time, to research on available grantors. Once you complete your research, you can claim the money from the grantor that best suits your needs.

Importance of Right Preschool Education for Christians

The necessity of preschool education is important for all children. The early years of schooling acts as a foundation for Christians to value the importance of Jesus in its real way. Therefore, the curriculum has to be appropriate to enhance the intellectual, emotional and physical development of the child.

There are various Christian schools in Orlando that takes care of small to big needs of the child by understanding them personally to make them ready to accept the challenges of the life. The best part is that the number of students per class is less and the curriculum is very age appropriate which doesn’t overburden the child with academic requirements.

The teachers who are appointed to assist the preschool Christians are well-trained to understand the changing moods of the child. Considering that every child is unique, the teachers use different ways to boost child’s self esteem by encouraging them to perform various activities on their own. Everybody knows the importance of early childhood years. These are the years when child is ready to accept what is being taught to them. So, it is the best time to send them to preschool to make them responsible Christians.

If your child is between 2-5 years, it is necessary to send them to preschool where they will begin to learn to become friendly with the fellow members and will also develop a strong faith towards God. So, start searching for a Christian school near to your area that offers education from school until high school to prepare your child to portray their fullest potential in achieving the goals of his life.