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Visit a Magic Shop Online – Pick Up Great New Magic Tricks DVDs For All Occasions

You can add a new dimension to your life by enhancing your entertainment skills and pick up a new, easy and enjoyable talent that is sure to give you hours of amusement and who knows – perhaps even win you a date!

Interested in learning just how you can do all this and what kind of magic DVDs can help you improve your magic talents? Then, this article is perfect for you!

This article focuses on the assorted types of new magic tricks and cool innovative magic sets that are just right for any occasion – from birthdays to christening events to office luncheons and even informal community get-togethers besides a double-date that could ensure you’re never alone on Saturday nights anymore. Now, thanks to the wide selection of super-saving offers presented by the leading magic shop online, you can avail high quality books for learning basic to expert level magic tricks, pick up proven tips and advice from professional magicians like Mel Mellers (Tickling The Mind is a great bet) in easy to follow DVD format or even start off with simple card tricks!!

This unique 2 DVD set is presented by Mel Mellers & RSVP and retails under the product tag of number 1 and number 2 in the double series and is a rich wealth of magic advice, presentation concepts and fresh ideas for corporate shows, if that’s your aim. For all those eventually wanting to enter the lucrative and challenging world of competitive cabaret magicians, the Mel Meller Project, is the leading European introduction that amuses, entertains and educates the viewer about 16 varied magic routines that are chockablock with gags and hilarious ploys that are pure magic!

What’s more, at less than twenty pounds, with no unnecessary filler stuff like cheap magic video formats, the high definition visual impact and quality magic advice, magic show tips and performance creativity oriented ideas are bound to attract serious aspiring magicians into turning pros. It is advisable though to first watch a video clip of part of the presentation in the 2 DVD set in order to personally determine the quality of the various segments you can expect to learn from when you visit a top magic shop online to conveniently purchase this great resource for a rich variety of magic show ingredients.

Now, once you’ve practiced the basic level magic tricks like those involving coin, rubber band or dollar bill magic, you can move on to the more advanced level and try your hand at the upgraded magic sets like the Top 10 Magic Tricks For Adults, or the Top 10 easy magic tricks, for extending your range of performance.

For learning a novel style of magic, the DVD titled Banding Around’ is a great buy at less than fifteen pounds. It is presented by Russell Leeds and has radical new plots and magic techniques outlined for amazing visual magic learning opportunities that are perfect for those short on time (and patience!)

How to Use an Automatic Responder For All Its Worth

In this article I am going to cover how you can use an automatic responder for all it is worth. An automatic responder can put you in a position to start making money on auto pilot. All you need to do is load in your pre-written content and set your auto responder up to email your leads on specific dates or days that you chose.

In the event you are an affiliate promoting someone elses product you will often find that merchants provide auto responder e-mails that you can send out to your list. This can be very helpful as merchants test their content to see how effective it is. This can save you some guess work and put you in a position to make money quickly and easily. Your auto responder can work for you day in and day out. Even when on vacation you can send out promotional messages and be making money. However that is just one piece of the pie.

Where you really can get your moneys worth from your your auto responder is in the detailed reporting. With detailed reporting you can view your open rates. In addition to this when you write your subject line you will be in a position to determine if that message will get past e-mail spam filters.

A good auto responder will have good deliverability statistics. This again is where you can take advantage of the of a good auto responder. If your message does not get beyond the spam filters then it will never have a chance of being read.

The next feature as mentioned is the open rates. This is a great indication of how effective your subject line is. If your open rates are high you know your message is strong. In addition now that you know your subscribers are opening your e-mail you can move to the next step which is to track links within the e-mail body.

This is really powerful. Once you paste your links into the body of your e-mail you can start to test the content surrounding those links. If the content is good you will have a higher click through rate and once you achieve this you will want to duplicate those efforts that are yielding the best results.

You can also move your links to various places within the e-mail body to test click through rates based on position. This will also give you an idea of how well your headline is performing. The question is, are your subscribers reading your e-mails?

What you are doing here is testing everything you do so that no matter what the result, you will at least have powerful information that will enable you to make better decisions moving forward.

In other words you are going to gain an education by measuring each action you take. Doing this will help you to take full advantage of all the features of your auto responder. The last thing you want to do is just load it up with e-mails and forget about it.

If you do this you will never get your money’s worth. Testing is the key to your success and auto responders are a great tool to help you to refine your message and improve your bottom line.

Not only will you be able to have a twenty four seven promotional machine you will also have all the diagnostic tools at your disposal to determine how effectively that machine is performing..

To add to this you can take what you are learning and apply it to other promotional content that you are using. This really will maximize your return on your. Investment.

Pittsburgh Schools Want Excellence for All

Something exciting is happening in Pittsburgh. The educators and leaders of Pittsburgh Schools have committed themselves to improving not only the quality of education that students receive, but also the excellence at which they perform. But is this just talk, or really some action? Here are the facts.

Representing the 2nd largest school district in Pennsylvania, the Pittsburgh Public Schools
serve 29,447 students in 65 schools. Three- and four-year-olds are served through the Early Childhood program which is held at 95 of Pittsburgh Schools.

In 2006, Superintendent Mark Roosevelt unveiled a new and ambitious plan to improve the success of each student. Called “Excellence For All”, the plan asserts that children, no matter what part of the Pittsburgh community they come from, can achieve excellence.

The Pittsburgh Schools’ mission statement reflects this plan. They want to be one of America’s premier school districts, student-focused, well-managed, and innovative.

The Excellence For All plan calls for leaders to hold themselves accountable for preparing all children to not only achieve academic excellence, but also strength of character. Preparing these Pittsburgh Public Schools children for success will ultimately give them opportunities they need to succeed in all aspects of life; as children- but more importantly as adults.

The Excellence For All plan is founded on some core beliefs: that all children can learn at high levels, that Pittsburgh Schools teachers are integral to student development and deserve plenty of training, support and resources, and that education requires a safe and healthy learning environment. The plan also states that Pittsburgh Schools families are essential to the learning process and that communities need to be committed and involved with the schools and students to assure excellence. At the leadership level of Pittsburgh Schools, the plan calls for improvements in effective and consistent leadership, and the establishment of a central office that exists to serve all students and all of Pittsburgh Schools.

Aiming to take the No Child Left Behind Act one step further, this ambitious Pittsburgh Schools plan comes complete with measurable objective for not only getting each student proficient, but also intends to increase the number of students rat the highest levels of achievement. To this end, the superintendent has set high expectations with measurable objectives for all students attending Pittsburgh Schools.

The Superintendent intends to increase the percentage of students who are proficient in reading by the end of the 3rd grade from 49% to 80% in four years. Another important measure that the reform agenda addresses is the high school graduation. The Pittsburgh schools leader wants to lower the drop out rate by 10%.

One way to check to see how many students are working at the highest levels is to look at the participation in Advanced Placement courses. The goal is to see twice as many students taking AP exams, four times the number of African-American students taking these courses, and the number of students scoring 3-5 on AP exams will increase by 50%.

The truth is that every district creates a lofty set of goals that look good on paper. The real test will be what the Pittsburgh schools can actually make happen in the real world.