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“There’s a Season for All” by Sammy Shu – Book Review

There’s a Season for All
by Sammy Shu

Silver Rose Publishing (2006)

ISBN 9780977821105

The queen of Tween Land has four daughters. The name of Tweenland is a play on words because a tween is somewhere between being a child and being an adult. The princesses were all born just hours apart and they all are different from each other. They have definite characteristics unique to them. Winter has hair the color of snow and blue wings. Spring is a lover of life and she has red wings. Summer has the coloring of a sunflower and eyes colored like grass. Fall is the youngest with orange hair and brown eyes. Each of the sisters thought they should be in control. But when you have 4 fairies all wanting to be the boss, disharmony will result. This book talks about harmony and working together.

I really liked the brightly colored pages and facial expressions on the girls’ faces. Sammy Shu has a way of describing their personalities and strengths. Carl Cone’s illustrations really bring the text to life. “There’s a Season for All” is a beautiful book both in its storyline and pictures.

The author of “There’s a Season for All” resides in Denver, Colorado with her family. Sammy Shu finished her first children’s book in 1992 and fell in love with the genre. She is now an accomplished author, with nine children’s books to her name. She is currently working a darker fairy tale for teens and young adults, titled, “The Legend of the Vampire Fairies.”

Reviewed by Brianne Plach (age 9) for Reader Views (4/07)

Promoting Arts for All Ages

Visual and the Performing Arts

Visual arts which are the creations that we make and look at. The captivating colors, patterns, and designs in forms such as painting, pottery, drawing, photography, and sculpture, awaken our sensibilities, and in so doing, evoke a response. The performing arts include music, dance, and drama.

Activities at School

Educators appreciate the potential that the arts have to train creative minds. The art curriculum in schools uses VA, drama, and film in education, to engage kids in the classroom. They also arrange field trips to arts centers, to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of how art relates to the world.

If your child is a promising performer, or simply displays casual interest in the arts, then that artwork, singing, or dancing should be encouraged. The arts teach unique thinking skills that can help students become creative professionals, and it doesn’t matter what field they choose to go into in the future.

VA Organizations

There are also non-profit arts organizations dedicated to the promotion of artists, and the arts. These organizations also provide resources and publications that highlight the importance of the arts to society. Many churches have music and arts auxiliaries, which are designed to foster worship and divinely inspired artistic expressions.

VA in the Community

The promotion of arts in the community can have a huge societal impact. Our Family Fine Arts and Entertainment Studio in Lithia Springs, GA provides arts exposure for the entire family. They offer programs that both kids and adults can enjoy. You have the opportunity to spend time in the studio and enjoy a day of Fine Arts, or engage in performing arts to soothe the mind and body.

The fine arts offerings at the studio are even more special, because they incorporate music into the mix, for a one-of-a-kind artistic experience. The Arts program helps to nurture fellowship and team-building among participants, as creative bonds are built. Promoting arts for all ages can be a powerful way to boost learning, and inspire change.

There is no denying the fact that an appreciation of the works has some intangible benefits, including enriching our understanding of the world. The works inspire and bring out the creativity in people of all ages, and can also be a stirring catalyst for change. That’s why artistic promotion is so important whether it is done through schools, arts organizations, or community based VA studios.

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