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Online ACLS Classes Expand Education for Aspiring Healthcare Professionals

There are all different kinds of learning institutions that offer students education without having to be physically present in a class. This option does not require the student to complete the course in a classroom setting. This would also typically allow the student to study individually and learn on their own through things such as instructional videos and virtual lectures. Online ACLS classes are made available for the convenience of healthcare professionals who want to further their studies regarding Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support.

This is actually not a very new concept and has been around for quite some time. During the 1700s, the teaching method known as short hand teaching was conducted via correspondence where lessons were sent through the mail once a week. This has developed with the help of new technology.

The online ACLS classes offered to students include information regarding cardiovascular life support. The course is designed to help those interested in learning about how to respond to cardiovascular emergencies. Classes which are available include certification and renewal. This course is made for the convenience of those who wish to learn about this topic.

For example, Cardiovascular Disease is very common and is something a lot of people should be aware of. It affects a great many people for reasons that are related to both lifestyle-related and congenital factors, and the proper type of training will familiarize you with this disease’s symptoms and how to treat someone suffering from them. This course focuses on different departments of healthcare to keep up to date with new trends and findings to ensure top-notch care for all their eventual patients.

Online ACLS classes are great for those who need more flexibility in their schedule. Now, this type of education is available almost anywhere, where students only need the use of a computer and the internet if they want to learn. This type of teaching has grown in popularity because of the convenience it offers a number of students. There is no longer any constriction in terms of time of geographical or physical place when it comes to education.

This type of education expands access for those with the desire to learn. Emerging markets also benefit from this new found method of teaching giving students more time to learn through this course offered for professionals. With distance learning education, the constraints in learning certain subjects are now alleviated for the convenience of a large number of students and teachers across the globe!

Can You Trust Your Source For All The Latest Smartphone News?

Do You Know If You Can Trust All The Latest Smartphone News You Find Online?

When you look for information online about products to buy, keep in mind that most sites are built to promote their product or act as an agent for another business. This process is called affiliate marketing.

In and of itself, affiliate marketing isn’t that bad of a thing. The websites are created to promote a product or brand and in return the affiliate gets a small commission for their promotion.

Unfortunately, the affiliate works to promote only the highest priced items and ignore the rest. So it can be a somewhat unscrupulous act, sometimes. But it can also be a benefit for the reader as well, but only if the author and website are willing to educate you about their affiliation first. It’s required by law as regulated by the FCC.

Let’s take into consideration websites that promote smartphones. When you’re looking for all the latest smartphone news, you’ll find a huge volume of information online. Most of the websites that offer information are there solely to promote a certain phone, brand or make a sale and hide that fact from the reader as much as possible.

Not Every Review Site Is Slimy

There are alternatives, however. Some websites serve up the latest smartphone news and reviews without linking to any particular phone or brand. These websites are most likely set up for ad revenue rather than affiliate sales, so their news is a little more trustworthy.

Websites like Cnet, Business Insider and MacRumors all offer great information that helps consumers get complete information. Likewise, other valuable websites objectives should be to offer as much information to the reader as possible.

From models and brands, to the best price available, the reviews are designed to help educate the reader in such a way as to help them be more educated. The design of the reviews is not just to promote a sale but to help inform the reader about all the options available to them.

Another reason for review sites to look at all the information from press releases and reviews to offer you a summary of the most important news available. They should take a look at all the information available to help inform the readers to assist them in their process. From the latest smartphone news to technical aspects and release dates, to operating software and camera/video features, they should take it all and summarize that into a simple, easy report.

In the end, it’s about building trust. They should report about all that they find so the reader can look at the information and know that they’re not being forced to purchase one phone, or another. If they do promote a sales program through Amazon, then that may or may not be part of their review, but it could be to offer as many options for the reader to find the best deal on a new smartphone as possible.

A review site that has dedicated itself to building trust by offering as much information as possible about competing smartphone brands is one you should consider trustworthy. The website should work to give you all the information as possible and to help you make an informed decision without any pushy sales pitch.

From affiliate sites to websites built to inform and review, there are plenty of ways to get all the latest smartphone news, but you need to keep in mind what the purpose of that information is for. Does it promote a certain brand or phone? Or, does it help you make an informed decision on what smartphone is the best for you?

Trust it has been said, is scarcely earned and easily lost. Knowing what purpose a website is offering their information is important in building trust with their readership. If they don’t disclaim their attentions, not only will it eliminate any trust, but it may also be against FCC regulations and the law.

When you’re looking for all the latest smartphone news, know that most sites exist to promote readership or a brand. Steer clear of the ones that don’t inform you about why they’re offering their bits of news, but know that the trustworthy ones are clear and transparent about their intentions.

Shift Your Paradigm and Say Bye Bye to Stress Once and for All

Stress – it’s everywhere in today’s society. It’s the classroom, the workplace, the household. It’s in little league, our finances and relationships. It’s even a large part of family life. But as peaceful, natural, aware parents unplugged from many mainstream ideas, we have unique tools to work with. We already challenge the status quo in everything we do – from saying no to unhealthy vaccines to non-violent communication to our relentless questioning and researching everything – so why do we STILL experience stress and what can we do about it?

Now I can sit here and write out a million and one stress relief techniques to help you and your children, and they’ll work. But instead, I want to share with you the two ideas that form the root of all stress and by understanding them, will help shift your perspective.

The first idea I can sum up in one phrase for you right now. “Life is just a string of experiences meant for soul growth.” When you truly wrap your mind around this idea, truly understand it and start to implement it in your everyday life – your world starts to look very different indeed, and you immediately feel the effects.

Here’s what I mean: when you teach your child from a whole being perspective, rather than just intellect you are acknowledging the biggest part of your child – his spirit. “Our bodies are our vehicles,” my son says, and “Earth is our school.” We need our ‘vehicles’ for all the amazing experiences that life has to offer. We need Earth to experience all these amazing things! Home Educators like myself choose to do so for a larger reason, we don’t want to leave out essential parts of our children’s education! Education is bringing out that which is within – they already have it within them, they already know it. We have to bring it out and help them nurture it.

Life is a journey. I remember some years ago when I would get very worked up about something and experience a lot of stress about things – that’s life! I thought. But it’s not. Now I look at everything for the larger meaning – what am I supposed to learn from this experience? Why did this happen and how can I grow from this? When you ask these types of questions – suddenly life is not as stressful because you realize that life is not made of up of random moments… there are no coincidences and everything and everyone is there to teach you and help you grow – if you allow it to be so. When you deny the connection of it all, life feels disjointed and disconnected – random events happen to the victims we become. But once you start looking for those connections and that synchronicity, those things suddenly appear everywhere in your life, and life takes on a whole new meaning.

Children are never too young to start understanding this. I started helping my own children with this when they were 4 and 5. I have been known to say “Mistakes are only learning opportunities” and they are – if we take the time to learn from them. Entrepreneurs know that it takes many mistakes to get it right, so do scientists and engineers. How many times did Edison and Ford fail? A ton of times, but they never gave up. So as you share this with your children and start to see the connection in everything, the meaning in everything and that yes the old cliche is actually true “everything happens for a reason,” there is a sense of peace and flow that becomes a part of your everyday living. There is no stress because you know the larger meaning behind everyday happenings, or at least that there is a larger meaning.

Since they were little, after a mistake I would reply, “it’s okay honey… tell me what you think you learned and how you think you will do it differently next time.” In the beginning of course the mistakes are small… but as they grow and the mistakes are more important to them (like my son leaving his wallet with $30 inside at a Community center) they soon learn truly important life lessons. I don’t have to lecture; I don’t have to make them feel guilty or bad…. I let them learn from the learning opportunities, as life should be. Even when “bad” things happen, we have an opportunity for soul growth, we learn to forgive another, how to present things differently and so on.

The second paradigm shift to be made to be stress free is to understand where stress comes from. Stress is caused by our minds as we concentrate on thoughts of events that have not yet happened or do not exist. It is our worry of situations that have not even occurred that cause us stress! Maybe it’s what the boss will say after she finds out what we did, or worry about how an event will go tomorrow. But the idea is that stress is created in the mind and then produces effects in the body.

We have over 70,000 thoughts a day… why do we stop and focus on those stress producing thoughts? Why not just let those thoughts pass right on by? You accomplish nothing but stress by choosing the stress-producing thought over a more pleasant thought – so why do it? If “because I worry” is your answer then you’re coming right back to our question. Your mind is your tool. You can choose to worry, thus creating stress; or you can choose to use your mind and your thoughts to create your life and fulfill your hopes and dreams.

In my family, we advocate using positive thinking and visualization to create what each member wants in life. Everything you see in the material world was once a thought in someone’s mind – a simple thought! Today Olympic athletes are using positive visualizations regularly to improve their performance and win. Why can’t everyday people do it too? We can and millions of successful people do. So stop stressing about situations and events that do not even exist yet and turn that mind power into creating something much better and much more positive. Stop worrying and use all that creative energy for something truly good.

So I want to encourage you starting today to implement these two new ideas into your family to alleviate stress once and for all. Remember, life is just a string of experiences meant for soul growth and your mind is your tool for success.