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The Wonders of Online Education For a Working Man With a Family

If you are a single man, go back to school to learn new knowledge to improve your career standing might be easier than a working man with a family. Imagine a man named Joe who has a family who needs to drive 42 miles from Baltimore to work at Prince George’s county. He needs to work extra hours at office most of times and he might needs some more hours at home just to finish his work. He allocates the weekend for his two daughters and his lovely wife.

But, the world economy goes worse, the job opportunities go down and he might loss his job due to recession. He needs to stay competitive with an advanced degree related to his working field. But, Joe’s busy working schedule and his obligation as a family man, making him hard to fit into any of the traditional campus-based degree program. That’s why Joe keeps postponing his plan to obtain a career related degree.

If Joe desperately wanted to go back to school and complete a degree, what choices does he have?

Online education is a perfect education solution for Joe. Here’s how online education fits for Joe’s situation:

1. Almost all degree programs offered in campus-based colleges available online. Joe should be able to find an online degree that helps in his career. He just needs to go online and look for his desired degree program offered in online format.

2. Joe doesn’t need to travel from his workplace to school or from his home to the school just to attend the classes because he can log on from anywhere through internet connection.

3. Joe doesn’t need to quit his job just to go back to school. Thus, there is no disruption of Joe’s income stream. Working and studying can always be done simultaneous in online education setting.

4. Although Joe’s schedule is too stuffed to accommodate fixed class times, he can always find some leisure time here and there: during the break time, when his daughter watching the TV, while waiting for clients or waiting for a meeting to be started. Whenever Joe has time, he can always go into online class to access his learning materials, to watch pre-record lecture session, to ask question at online discussion forum, etc.

5. He can still spend his time with the family during weekend. He may just need to arrange some time of study before going to bed. There is no crashing between family obligations and studying for a degree because the learning schedule of online education is flexible. Joe can always plan his time of study and follow his own pace to finish the desired degree program.

If you are a working man with a family like Joe, online education can be a good option to obtain a career related degree, either for career advancement or career change. It does not disrupt your obligations as a working man with a family and you don’t need to sacrifice your job. Do you see the wonder of online education for you as a working man with a family?