Chanakya – Management Guru for All Times

Chanakya, Son of Chanaka got this name from his Father. His original name was Vishnu Gupta and also popularly known as Kautilya through his family name (Gothra). Politics, Crime and Punishment, Artha Sastra – Whatever may be the lesson, Chanakya is the one and only Master in the ancient Indian University of Takshasila. Chanakya’s teachings are relevant even today, especially in these days of turbulence and turmoil in the global corporate world due to many reasons like recession and attrition.

The following are some of the teachings of Chankaya on different topics, which we can interpret to the modern world.

Chankaya teaches on conservation of every kind of resources. Catch hold of every drop of water to fill the pot. If you concentrate on every lesson, it will become your education. If you can save every paisa, it will make you rich. If you do good things, you will be praised as righteous person.

A man has to undertake many activities in his life time. How to perform these activities to achieve success? Chanakya says: Do penance alone. Study always with one more person as company. Learn music with three persons with you. When you are visiting a new place, go with four people. You should have five people for farming. Go to war with thousands of people.

‘Priya Vaadino Na Satruhu’. A person with sweet words will have no enemies. A word is the base for all human relations. A word will fetch you friends. A word will create enemies for you. You should live in this world without hurting others and get hurt. This kind of person will have no enemies in this world. He is the final Winner.

With regard to the anger of public, Chankaya says, if people are angry against the Government, it will lead to unrest in the country. Rulers have to take up social welfare activities. They have to create jobs for the unemployed. They have to create trust on the system.

On human relations Chanakya says, Enmity with fools is more dangerous. Enmity with friends is dangerous. Enmity with Gurus will deprive you of knowledge. You have to be friendly with everybody.

He is the friend, who always follows you, whether you are proudly going to the court of King or sadly going to the burial ground.

You have to have food after feeding your family, relatives, guests, poor and people in distress and that food will equal to nectar.

Ill health is more dangerous than enemy. It will kill you, when you are not alert. Limitless eating will lead to indigestion. Limiting your intake of food is always good for health.

Chankya says: you can learn lot of lessons from animals. A lion always eats the food by hunting. It never craves for leftover food. A crane will hunt to just fill its stomach. It will not be greedy. A Hen will wake up early in the morning. It will never be lazy. A dog always obeys his Master and trustworthy. A donkey’s patience is always ideal to follow. A crow will always call its fellow crows to share the food available. You can learn many things like this, from the animals living in this world.

Thus, Chankaya’s unique way of teaching is relevant even today which is followed worldwide by many Companies across the globe to train their employees in Leadership qualities, people management skills and problem solving techniques.

Department of Education For Student Loans – Helping Everyone Graduate

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Character Education For Kids is Very Important – Moral Education For Modern Day Children

Why Character Education for kids is so Important?

There has been a shortage of character education in schools and this is becoming more evident from the increase in the crime rate and violent incidents taking place all over the world. Studies those have been made in different countries and the subsequent research done by experts and NGOs go on to show that there is a dramatic “moral decline” in the western world including America and Western Europe as well as Australia.

Much of these destructive trends are a direct result of the modern day social ideologies and thought processes that perpetuate self-indulgence and gratification of ones own being. Modern day thought processes deeply believe in the statistical data and is therefore obsessed with the massive growth in the mass media, the online world and the social networking sites like Face book, Orkut, Twitter etc. Modern day kids often try and look for solving their problems on the net which results in utmost confusion and wrongful decision making by them.

Why is Character Education so important for modern day children? Children these days do not feel the necessity of seeking the advice of their parents and other elder and experienced people who are much more mature than they are. This is also true because most of the families have become nuclear families and parents working hard for long hours and they have very little time to spare for their children who are left in the lurch to fend for themselves in their lives of lonely solitude, grappling to find a solution to each and every problem they encounter all by themselves. Children these days are losing faith in the concept of the absolute truth which every young individual is keen to find out. Therefore, because of this, the kids come to the conclusion that whatever works out for them in the short term is the right thing to do and things that do not work for them well is rejected by their subconscious minds to say the least.

With the growing disrespect for their parents and other elders who are seldom available, there is a shockingly overindulgence in sexual activities, increase in the number of abortion cases, there has been a big rise to self destructive habits and tendencies which manifest themselves in the form of suicidal attempts, taking recourse to drugs and alcohol thus resulting in their abuse and addiction, and many other types of destructive human behavior in modern society mostly in the big cities which emphasizes that there is a major concern and an urgent need for the introduction of moral education and in the school curriculum of every educational institution.

With rising competition in schools for getting better grades, moral science and character education as educative subjects have been losing its sheen and are being ignored. It is a subject that develops a person’s character traits and personality and yet it has not been made a compulsory subject. Because of this, we have seen a dramatic rise in the cases of instances in school violence, which are fatal and non-fatal crimes like rape, sexual predators, break in burglary etc. as well as serious assaults and racial discrimination’s as seen with the Australian students in recent times.